How to Look Sexy In a Fashionable Way

▬ Play up only 1 feature at a time, for example if you are wearing a miniskirt wear a shirt with more coverage or with a sweater overtop, and if you are wearing a more revealing shirt, opt for jeans. Showing too much skin can make you look skanky.

▬ The same goes for makeup, play up one feature at a time. For example, if you want fire-engine red lips, go for minimal cheek, eye, and face makeup. People also often forget that the skin counts as a feature too. I would say that playing it up, for example overloading on blush and piling on foundation is not the smartest choice. Makeup enhances features. It doesn't create new ones or hides ones entirely. Wear as little makeup as you need to define and cover little flaws (such as darkness under eyes or blemishes)

▬ How you act has effect on how your perceived too, avoid being the big flirt, or what you wear will have nothing to do with it.

▬ Wear clothing that FITS and FLATTERS your body. That may mean that if you do not like your legs not wearing miniskirts, it will probaly look better and make you feel a lot less insecure. Also, wear the right size for your body, for example, a size 8 looks better when wearing a size 8 than a size 6 who tries to fit into a size four. Clothing that fits and makes you comfortable makes you confident

▬ Be confident! It might mean splurging on highlights and designer clothes or wearing adorable shoes but if it makes you feel amazing, its worth it!


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