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Continuing the rubric of "post from the past": Today, female circumcision is prevalent in 30 countries, mostly in the Middle East and Africa. Doctors who perform female circumcision, saying that there are many reasons for this procedure - from religious beliefs to prevent cervical cancer. However, this is not enough good reasons to endanger women's health, and in particular child. Often the healing process is long and can be mixed. The procedure itself can cause bleeding and infertility, and sometimes even leads to death. 

In honor of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad 284 families from Jakarta have the material means to ensure that their daughter took part in a mass circumcision. The winner of numerous photographic competitions, Stephanie Sinclair visits a ceremony and invites us to look at theharrowing footage. 

1. 9-month-old girl waiting for their turn to be circumcised. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

2. Family 284 girls who received money for mass circumcision in honor of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. The girls and their families gathered in the great hall before the ceremony, which traditionally begins with a prayer. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

3. One of the girls prepare for the procedure of circumcision. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

4. In Asia, female circumcision is still a living tradition in some communities in the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan and Indonesia. Also, it is practiced in the United Arab Emirates, South Yemen , Oman and Bahrain .. In Latin America, female circumcision can be found in Brazil, Eastern Mexico and Peru. (Stephanie Sinclair) 
5. One of the girls after the procedure. Doctors put her special pants, but it does not guarantee rapid healing. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

6. Doctors use the scissors to cut the hood and the head of the clitoris. World Health Organization considers the ritual useless, and condemns it. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

7. In some countries, a girl can get married and wear ornaments only after circumcision. In the photo: A girl getting ready for the procedure of circumcision. (Stephanie Sinclair) 
8. Doctors prepare tools for the circumcision procedure in elementary school. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

9. In some countries where female circumcision is practiced, it is believed that if a woman has not passed through this trial, it means that it is unclean, too excited and can not properly deal with the economy. It is also believed that an uncircumcised woman could give birth to a boy. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

10. One of the girls after circumcision. (Stephanie Sinclair) 

11. The main reason for female circumcision - religion . In some countries it is considered that uncircumcised girls can not properly cleansed after urinating, and prayer "unclean" will not be heard. (Stephanie Sinclair) 
12. Since 1997, Egypt banned female circumcision, except for cases of "medical necessity". Some doctors continue to do operations using this excuse. The operation, carried out at home the midwife is much cheaper than in the clinic. That is why many people choose this method, although it often leads to lethal outcomes, as the operation proceeds without disinfection and anesthesia. (Stephanie Sinclair) . Sila Share Kat Facebook,TQ


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