handmade business ideas
handmade business ideas

Do you love making crafts like Martha Stewart and thinking to run a business from your talent? Why not? There are so many handmade businesses that you can try from now, so don’t worry about competition over there.

Wanna see some of our business ideas? Go check it out!

Scented candle maker

One of the popular products in handmade business is scented candle. You can make your own candle with purchase some basic supplies like wax and perfume. Then sell your creation when Valentine’s Day comes.


If you are into fashion design and can sew well, be a dressmaker. Start from make dresses for bridesmaid, or make one for your friend’s birthday.

Scarf maker

Scarf is a fancy accessory nowadays. If you’re good in design, you can apply your design into beautiful scarfs.

Scrapbook maker

scrapbook maker
scrapbook maker

Help people preserve special memories with a nice scrapbook from you. Get your supplies from craft store and start persevering memories.

Toiletries maker

Toiletries can be a nice gift for people. Start making personal and handmade toiletries such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene products. Make a beautiful package so you can sell it as a gift.


Make some artworks that features calligraphy and typography lettering, then sell it online as posters or just pictures. You can open your business as a custom service, so clients will ask you to make what they want.

Clay sculptor

This talent is quite special because not everyone can do it. If you want to start with small budget, you can buy clay and other materials that don’t require a kiln or other specialized equipment.

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